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Back to School Pencil Toppers (SE006)


This collection of 28  designs cost only $20 and is for the 4x4 hoop


Full Instructions included

Pencil Toppers Photo

Valentine Heart Pencil Toppers

Butterfly Pencil Toppers

Heart Shape Pencil Toppers

Bear Pencil Toppers

Heart Pencil Toppers

Stitch count: 15090

H: 98.49/3.87"   x

W: 90.70/3.57"

Stitch count: 19777

H: 97.29/3.83"   x

W: 97.97/3.85"

Stitch count: 16878

H: 96.54/3.80"   x

W: 92.88/3.65"

Stitch count: 15584

H: 98.66/3.88"   x

W: 83.30/3.27"

Stitch count: 10672

H: 98.21/3.86"   x

W: 91.30/3.59"


Duck Pencil Toppers


Love Pencil Toppers



Stitch count: 11652

H: 96.76/3.80"   x

W: 87.06/3.42"


Stitch count: 13847

H: 98.28/3.86"   x

W: 91.03/3.58"



machine embroidery designs

Price $20.00


A Freebie for You !!!

Click on the image to download it with my compliments.


Spade and Fork



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